Journal Publication Opportunities

We are delighted to announce we have identified a number of high quality journals who will be partnering with ICIS 2018 to provide fast tracking publication opportunities while maintaining the otherwise regular editorial, refereeing, and revision standards of the journals. Authors of selected papers will be invited to extend and submit their manuscript to be considered for publication to the journals listed below:

JAIS (EiC Suprateek Sarkar): 2-3 best papers from the overall conference will be selected to be considered for possible publication in JAIS. Best papers from all tracks will be considered for this publication opportunity and the ICIS 2018 PC Co-Chairs will coordinate with JAIS editor Suprateeek Sarkar to select these papers.

JAIS: JAIS will consider the best paper from the Paper-Thon track for possible publication of an extended and completed version.

Electronic Commerce Research (EiC: Chris Westland), Track Co-Chairs for “Block Chain, Cryptocurrencies and New Business Models”, Michel Avital, Matti Rossi and Jungpil Han, will work with the Editor-in Chief for this special issue

AIS Transactions on Human Computer Interactions (EiCs: Dennis Galletta and Paul Lowry): Track Co-Chairs for “Human Robot Computer Interaction”, Dezhi Wu, Ping Zhang and Brian Donnellan, will work with the EiCs for this special issue.

Project Management Journal: (EiC: Hans Georg Gemünden): Track Co-Chairs for “Project Management”, Fred Niederman, Walter Fernandez, and Brian Fitzgerald, will work with the EiC for this special issue.

Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS): (EiC: Robert Galliers):Track co-chairs for “Governance Strategy and Value of IS”, Robert Galliers, Steven de Haes and Janis Gogan, will work with the EiC for this special issue.

Information Systems Frontiers (EiC: Raghav Rao): Track Co-Chairs for “Security Privacy and Ethics”, Raghav Rao, Alessandro Acquisti and Angela Sasse, will work for the EiC for this special issue

Government Information Quarterly (EiC Marijn Janssen): Track Co-Chairs for “E-business and E-Government”, Soon An, Marijn Janssen and Yulin Fang, will work with the EiC for this special issue.

Information & Management (Patrick Chau EiC); Track Co-Chairs for “Social Media and Digital Collaboration”, Atreyi Kankanahalli, Anjana Susarla and Alexander Richter, will work with the EiC for this special issue.

ACM Transactions on MIS (Daniel Zeng EiC): Track CoChairs for “Service Science”, Barbara Pernici, Leon Zhao and Tuure Tuunanen will work with the EiC for this special issue.