Poster Guidelines for Authors of Short Papers

Congratulations to being the author of an accepted short paper at ICIS 2018! This is a tremendous achievement. Please take the time to read these guidelines carefully. In particular, it is important to note that there will be three channels for you to promote your poster, 1) a 1 minute presentation in one of three poster slam sessions, 2) the actual physical display of the poster as part of the conference, and 3) a digital poster gallery. This document outlines the related details.


The slam session will be a fast paced run-through showcasing approx. 50 short papers within a 90 mins session on Friday, 14 December 2018. You will be allocated exactly (!) one minute during one of the three sessions on that day to pitch your short paper and poster to the audience. The slam session is your (brief) opportunity to grab the attention of your colleagues with a tantalizing taste of your work to spark their appetite for coming to view your poster and learn more about your work. There will be no time for any form of Q&A during the slam session.

You will have one single Powerpoint slide available to complement your very short pitch. You need to use the attached slam template and submit it to the Poster Session Chair (see below) by Wednesday, 5 December 2018 using the email subject ‘ICIS 2018 Poster Slam Session Slide’.

You can find the time slots for the slam sessions and the scheduled time for your presentation in the conference program (ICIS2018 web page and mobile app).

Make sure you are in the presentation room 15 minutes before the session starts to meet the session chair.


Please use the attached poster template (PPT) to create your poster. For a fee of US$60, you may submit your poster to AIS electronically by 28 November for printing by the in-house Fedex office at the conference (see instructions embedded in the attached poster template.)

If you want to avail this service, please upload and pay for your poster directly at ICIS2018 Short Paper Poster Printing.  The file name for your poster should be of the format: ICIS2018-XXXX.ppt where XXXX is your middle 4 digits of <Manuscript ID#> (e.g., ICIS2018-XXXX.ppt). Poster/slam ID can be found through this shared online document (  If you encounter issues with the payment for printing posters or file upload, you can reach out to the AIS Conference Director at robina@aisnet.orgfor additional guidance.  Please use the attached PowerPoint template to create your poster to ensure it has the right format.

This year we are enthusiastically encouraging authors to maximize engagement by embedding audio, video, and/or interactive components into their posters using 2-D Augmented Reality. A new technology from Zappar provides a relatively easy-to-use, drag & drop, cloud-based tool for doing this and we have put together a demo and 3-page guide, specifically for ICIS poster authors, on how to use it (see link below).

  • Populate this slide with content appropriate for your research.
  • Specify your <Poster #> on the bottom right-hand corner of this template.
  • Include <TITLE> and <Authors(s) Name and Affiliation> using the same font and size.
  • Provide a short description of the problem and the objectives of your research.
  • Organize your poster into relevant sections in any format you desire.
  • Include relevant figures and tables to enhance the visual appeal of the poster.
  • NEW: Use Augmented Reality to bring your poster to life with media, interactive buttons, etc. using this guide:
  • Minimize the use of text/words in your poster for maximum readability.
  • Avoid crowding your poster with too much information or words.


Please note that all ICIS2018 posters will also be made available in the online poster gallery

This will allow easy search and browsing through all posters and create a lasting digital artifact, also for those who cannot attend ICIS 2018. We will make a PDF version of your poster available here and once you submitted your poster, there is no further specific action required from you.


Dr. Timothy R. Hill, Director
School of Information Systems and Technology
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business
San Jose State University
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San Jose, CA  95192-0244