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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Please Note: This is a 2 day session beginning Wednesday at 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM and continues on Thursday from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

11th Annual SIG GlobDev Pre-ICIS Workshop

The Workshop on e-Business (WeB) is a premier annual one-day conference on e-Business and e-Commerce held in conjunction with International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). The purpose of WeB is to provide an open forum for e-Business researchers and practitioners world-wide, to share topical research findings, explore novel ideas, discuss success stories and lessons learned, map out major challenges, and collectively chart future directions for e-Business.

L’AIM ( organise une journée de la recherche francophone en SI avant l’ouverture de la conférence internationale ICIS ( Cette année elle se tiendra le mercredi 12 décembre 2018. La thématique principale de la journée est la convergence des TI. La conférence est toutefois ouverte à d’autres thématiques SI. Cette journée de recherche francophone est ouverte à tout chercheur, du monde francophone ou non du moment où la communication et la présentation soient en français.

The Bright Internet Global Summit (BIGS) is a global forum of exchanging the vision and research progress and outcomes on various issues of the Bright Internet. It will become also a channel to derive agreements among stakeholders and member countries for mutual benefits which cannot be realized by a single country alone. Stakeholders include individual researchers, research institutions, companies represented by business leaders and practitioners, academic institutions, government agencies, legislators, standard organizations, and international organizations.

Access ready-to-use curriculum materials to incorporate no-code app development in your classroom. Students with no coding knowledge can build real web and mobile apps on Mendix. The technology, curriculum, and training are FREE for professors and students. In this workshop, you will experience with the platform, build a real working application, and run through classroom-ready exercises and assignments that you can replicate for your courses. All you need is your laptop! Lunch will be provided.

Good things come to those with the right connections. We bring industry to universities to enhance classroom learning, partner on research and increase visibility to students. This session covers IBM’s academia programs including no-charge access to technology, courseware, and IBM awards. We’ll also discuss tips to apply across industries.


  • Badges and Talent Match
  • Blockchain workshops and Hackathons
  • Students attending industry events and user groups for free
  • Research and project collaborations
  • Local employer events

SIG ASYS cordially invites academics and practitioners from all over the world to present original research and/or to organize a panel discussion in the field of Accounting Information Systems (AIS). The workshop will focus on a wide range of topics and research methods at the intersection of accounting and information systems.

SIG Cognitive Research is intended to represent and support researchers in information systems who view understanding human cognition as a critical component to the successful design and implementation of information systems. The workshop serves as a showcase of leading cognitive research in IS. There are no separate tracks or concurrent presentations. The format of the workshop is designed to enable open and constructive discussions of the research, in a spirit of collegial community-building.

Welcome to the annual SigPrag pre-ICIS workshop, focusing research conducted in close collaboration with practice. We welcome all types of intervention research (e.g., DSR, ADR, action research), and, of course, papers drawing from pragmatist philosophy.

The idea of causal mechanisms is developing strongly within the philosophy of science (Machamer et al., 2000), social theory (Hedström and Swedberg, 1998) and IS theory (Mingers and Standing, 2017).This workshop is focused on discussing the theoretical, philosophical, and methodological application of mechanisms in Information Systems Research. Although the workshop is offered in conjunction with the upcoming special issue in ISJ (, attendance is not necessary for submission.

Please Note: This is a 2 day session beginning Wednesday, December 12 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and continues on Thursday, December 13 from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

The SIGDSA symposium, “Decision Analytics Connecting People, Data, and Things” will focus on research applications and issues as well as pedagogical practices pertinent to harnessing analytics and data science techniques for tackling societal and organizational challenges. It will bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners who share a common passion for the advancement of analytics and data science field in supporting decision-making and knowledge management to achieve societal and organizational benefits.

Theme: Delivering Business Value through Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Special Issue Editors: Mary Lacity and Rajiv Sabherwal, University of Arkansas and Carsten Sorensen, London School of Economics

As our lives become immersed by powerful digital devices and services, questions of implications for individuals’ lives as well as their social interactions and structures arise. While particular scenarios (e.g. smart home, connected cars, social networks) have received partial attention in different fields, this workshop seeks to gather these fragmented views and bring together researchers interested in the impact of digitization on individuals.

This workshop intends to help researchers and doctoral students to conduct research and publications related to culture in IS. “Culture in IS” refers national cultures, corporate culture, cultural industries and “Internet culture”. Submission format include extended abstracts, development papers of full papers. At the end of the workshop, a business meeting of the SIG will be held during 30 minutes.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The nature of work in organizations is changing to accommodate new forms of organizing through modern digital platforms. Digital technology transforms jobs but also has deep effects on employee engagement and how meaning is formed in day to day work. You are invited to submit extended abstracts about your research (maximum 5 pages) related to the changing nature of work.

NeuroIS has emerged over the last decade as an interdisciplinary research topic spanning information systems, cognitive neuroscience, human-computer interaction, and other fields. Many IS journal articles on NeuroIS have been published. This seminar will discuss the origins and status of NeuroIS. What have we learned? We will discuss key NeuroIS research topics, challenges, and opportunities for the next decade. What more can we learn? We hope to stimulate interest and collaboration.

The general objective of SIG eGovernment is to promote quality and relevance in eGovernment research. As previous SIG eGovernment pre-ICIS workshops, this workshop is dedicated to open discussions about the most important issues today, theoretical streams and different possible ways forward. The focus of the workshop is informed discussion.

HITS-Health Information Technology Symposium (formerly the SIG Health Pre-ICIS Workshop) is a pre-conference activity of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) hosted by the Special Interest Group: Health IT (SIGHEALTH). HITS provides a forum for those concerned with research on information technology in the context of healthcare and is typically restricted to about 50 participants. Most of the time is spent on roundtable discussions of related research to maximize helpful feedback to workshop participants.

DIGIT 2018 has been organized in an effort to develop theoretical insight and understanding on topics and issues that address the Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology. We aim to provide an interactive forum by bringing together leading academics to discuss the critical issues of IT use. We would also like to encourage contributions that use new methodological approaches that are based on the diffusion of IT to study technology adoption, use and diffusion phenomena.

SIGBPS workshop aims to extend the boundaries of research in business process management and services science by integrating new elements that have not been sufficiently emphasized in the past. The purpose of the SIGBPS workshop this year is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss new research directions in the areas of building trustworthy business process and service with blockchain and smart contract technologies.

SIGGreen is the AIS Special Interest Group on Green Information Systems. SIGGreen provides a platform for those in our discipline who are concerned with how information systems can help reduce human impact on the natural environment – one of the greatest challenge of your time.

Security and privacy have become a challenge as information systems become increasingly complex. This conference brings together researchers in privacy and security in behavioral research. This is a one day intimate workshop where senior researchers provide valuable feedback on research papers. Some of the topics in this workshop are: socio-technical analysis of information security/ privacy, cultural issues in information security and privacy, analysis of system vulnerabilities and risk exposure, cyber security and diplomacy, and more.

This one-day event is designed specifically for our junior scholars to be oriented and prepared for the challenges ahead. Spend a day with a group of distinguished scholars and your peer colleagues to get advice and share experiences on various topics that are important for your tenure and career, including publishing for tenure and career, tenure preparation and career planning, work-life balance, managing co-authorship, etc. Various activities are designed to make the day fruitful and enjoyable for you.

This workshop is appropriate for any faculty member that has received tenure and/or promotion to Associate Professor.  Individuals at all stages of associate professor may find this workshop useful, from newly tenured faculty members to those that have settled into their role as an associate professor.  Those that have attended other mid-career workshops are welcome to come, participate, share, and learn from other associate professors.

This workshop focuses on location analytics and spatially-aware IoT, which bridges people, data and things, thereby making a collaborative economy more efficient and effective. While locational technologies can create value, the very success of these technologies also raises issues on the use of spatial data, such as privacy and trust. This workshop highlights the emerging opportunities and issues and discusses how these technologies can enable the growth and success of businesses in the collaborative economy.

The Special Interest Group for IT Project Management (SIGITPROJMGMT) is proud to sponsor the13th International Research Workshop on Information Technology Project Management. The workshop will feature research papers and one or more panels that focus on problems that cut across many traditional IS/T Project Management areas, including, but not limited to, the following topics: project success, virtual project management, agile project management, knowledge networks in projects, project management methodologies, distributed project management, project leadership, project quality metrics, project management standards, best practices in project management, and pedagogical issues. The workshop will be held as an all-day meeting in San Francisco, California in conjunction with ICIS 2018. Participants should plan on arriving the night before the workshop for an early start to the meeting.  Workshop participants will be charged a registration fee that will include lunch and coffee breaks (details will be announced as the conference program is finalized).

This workshop intends to facilitate the discourse amongst IS researchers interested in service science. Those interested in questions related to service that extend or even depart from conventional wisdom within IS research are particularly encouraged to participate. We invite those who are interested to shape the future of the field to join us in San Francisco. The workshop itself serves to present, discuss, and organize the ideas submitted.

This workshop will address issues related to artificial intelligence and cognitive systems and their applications, with particular interest in applications to business settings and autonomous systems. All aspects of artificial intelligence and cognitive systems are of interest, including emerging concerns with cognitive knowledge acquisition, representing cognitive knowledge, cognitive assistance, ontologies, deep neural networks, autonomous robots, autonomous systems, machine learning, smart advisors, natural language and the role of big data in autonomous systems.

The objective of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for HCI researchers to come together and build a dynamic community for open and constructive discussions and exchange of ideas.

The paradigm of Hybrid Intelligence is characterized by hybrid teamwork: the augmentation of AI through the contribution of humans, and approaches, where AI enriches the intelligence of humans. This workshop will address both directions. We will (1) Include current and emerging research topics; (2) address implications for practice and policy; and (3) examine specific domain applications. Thereby, we will articulate the expected impact of hybrid intelligence on IS research and provide directions for future enquiry.

Discuss Japanese information systems to design better digitized society supported by emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AI, mobility, big data, robotics, IoT, and cyber security.

This workshop is for authors of papers submitted and accepted to the JAIS Theory Development Workshop. During the workshop, authors will meet with JAIS board member mentors to discuss theory and paper development. This workshop is by invitation only.

The objective of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for information systems researchers and scholars interested in Asia Pacific issues to come together and build a dynamic community for open and constructive discussions, exchange of ideas, and promote research collaborations.

Launch event of the new Special Interest Group on Advances in Sourcing. This SIG aims to bring together researchers that take interest in various aspects associated with sourcing of IT, software development, business processes, software services, ideas and/or data in digital global economy. The launch will feature two key-note speakers: Rudy Hirschheim talking about historical perspective on IS sourcing research and Sirkka Jarvenpaa who will talk about contemporary topics on sourcing.

Please Note: This session is 2 days. It will start on Thursday at 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM and continues Friday from 7:00 PM to 10: 00PM

Workshop designed to advance IS theories and discuss latest development in theory building. Selected presentations will be included as part of an edited book to be published by the SIGPHIL

We welcome all past and current ICIS Doctoral Consortium Students and Mentors to celebrate another year of the Doctoral Consortium, to reminisce with old friends, and to meet new friends.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Join us for the AIS Women’s Network Lunch. Grab your lunch and join us for engaging conversation and networking. Snacks and desserts provided. This will be held on Friday from 12:30 PM – 1:45PM.

ICIS forum hosts technology leaders, CIOs, industry thinkers, researchers, and scientist to discuss the Internet of Things (IoT), its applications and future, and its impact on the field of information systems. There will be panels of experts in the field of IoT and an exciting keynote speaker!


Every industry sector and service entity should deal with Big Data or can benefit from corralling the power of so much information. Especially in the digital era, many companies depend on the tools and technologies in Big Data management to enhance their productivity and competitive position in global markets. This workshop aims to reveal innovative techniques that companies use in business processes to deal with the growing demands of Big Data.

Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Place: B55 Craft House and Kitchen, Hotel Marriott Marquis.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

SIG GTM 11th Annual Workshop helps scholars interested in Grounded Theory Method understand the method, debate its nuances, and discuss current open questions and specific empirical studies. Novice and experts alike are welcome. If you would like to have your paper discussed in a slam session please email: (SIG GTM chair).

It is the 9th Annual KrAIS Research Workshop. As a chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) serving AIS members with Korean heritage, the Korean Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (KrAIS) aims to promote the scholarship of its members. The mission of the KrAIS Workshop is to provide a forum where its members can exchange ideas and information and promote possible collaboration among its members.