Junior Faculty Consortium

ICIS 2018 Junior Faculty Consortium

December 13, 2018, 8.30a-4.30p, San Francisco, USA

Application Deadline: September 15, 2018

This one-day event is designed specifically for our junior scholars to be oriented and prepared for the challenges ahead. Spend a day with a group of distinguished scholars and your peer colleagues to get advice and share experiences on various topics that are important for your tenure and career, including publishing for tenure and career, tenure preparation and career planning, work-life balance, managing co-authorships, etc. Various activities are designed to make the day fruitful and enjoyable for you.

Co-Chairs (alphabetical order)

Ming-Hui Huang (National Taiwan University)

Do what you want to do. If you don’t make tenure, it is not the right place for you. Go somewhere where what you do is appreciated.

Allen S. Lee (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Whether you want tenure at your current institution or you need to move, your strategy is the same: publish, publish, publish.

Matti Rossi (Aalto University)

Try to concentrate on true impact over volume of publications, when possible.



Michel Avital (Copenhagen Business School)

Listen, read, dream, write, build, speak up, and follow the golden rule.

Tilo Böhmann (Universität Hamburg)

Never underestimate the impact you can have as a researcher on the real world. Become an engaged scholar!

Michael Chau (The University of Hong Kong)

Publish and network

M. Lynne Markus (Bentley University)

Don’t wait until you have tenure to do research that you find meaningful and love.

Michael Myers (University of Auckland)

Become part of the community – collaborate and publish.

Guy Paré (HEC Montreal)

Be dedicated and passionate about what you do and success shall come naturally.

Maung Sein (University of Agder)

You are not expected to know many of the theories/concepts in the literature. But know deeply and thoroughly whatever you use and work on.

Keng Siau (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Higher education is evolving rapidly. Be prepared for constant change.

Christina Soh (Nanyang Technological University)

Seek out mentors. Engage with them and learn

Virpi Tuunainen (Aalto University)

Focus on your research and publishing, but don’t forget collegiality. Being critical, constructive and kind don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Editor Panel: Publishing for Tenure and Career

Alok Gupta, ISR

Dorothy Leidner, MISQ Executive

Judge not yourself for what you have not done and who you are not, but judge yourself for what you have done and who you are.

Arun Rai, MISQ

Pursue your passions without fear, while guided by your motivations and capabilities and the currencies that work in internal and external markets.

Jan Recker, CAIS

You’ll never have as many chances to learn new things as you have now.

Suprateek Sarker, JAIS

Be aware of but not slave to requirements of relevant institutions. Pursue research in areas you feel passionate about where you can bring your unique perspective/voice to bear.

Keynote: Balancing Life as a Researcher, Teacher, Father, and AIS President

Jason B. Thatcher (Clemson University)

Take joy in the work itself, if you love the process, then good things will follow.


Consortium Eligibility

  1. All IS junior faculty members in their first four years in an academic position (including post-docs) are eligible to apply.
  2. Preference will be given to participants who have not attended a prior ICIS JFC.

Application and Fee

There will be a fee that covers the lunch and participation. Send an email to Allen Lee (allenslee@alum.mit.edu), Ming-Hui Huang (huangmh@ntu.edu.tw), and Matti Rossi (matti.rossi@aalto.fi) with the subject title “ICIS 2018 JFC application” along with the following information by September 15, 2018:

  1. Year of Ph.D. graduation.
  2. Current position/university.
  3. Have you attended a prior ICIS JFC?
  4. Brief (2-3 lines) description of research interests.